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needing the niebuhrs

Of late I’ve been longing for a conversation with the Niebuhr brothers, influential theologians in the middle of the past century. H. Richard and Reinhold were lifelong Americans of German ancestry. I first encountered the brothers as a student at … Continue reading

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a shameless plea

In a moment that straddles the fence between foolishness and faithfulness, I agreed to participate in the MDA’s annual Maplewood/Webster Lock-up to help “Jerry’s Kids®”. With a history of civil disobedience, I don’t take ‘lock up’ lightly. In fact the … Continue reading

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a flowchart might save us

When Rabbi Michael Lerner, taking aim at the reintroduction of the Latin Mass, raised the anti-Semitism flag this week, I took note. Lerner is an interfaith bridge builder known for pointing fingers at his own religion (Judaism). A rebel rouser, … Continue reading

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a plea for humility

Justice is overrated and mercy in short supply. When the question “what does the Lord require of you?” is answered with three distinct charges, “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8) there is no redundancy. I … Continue reading

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