Rainbow Fish Tree Prayers

Litany (early in worship):

Holy One, you have created humans with an array of differences
but we have allowed our differences to divide us.

We have failed to embrace the gift of diversity that you continue to offer,
and in our failing we have closed the doors
to our hearts, our privilege, and even your church
to your children whose experience and voice differ from our own.
We hang our ribbons, Holy One, in our commitment
to move beyond the limitations of our labels
in our quest to experience you ever more fully.

The ribbon we hang this week is in remembrance of
[heterosexism, politicism, ageism, classism, doctrinism,
ableism, racism, sexism, intellectualism]
May we learn to embrace our differing 
[sexual orientations, political perspectives,
generations, economic experiences, beliefs systems,
physical and mental healths and abilities, racial heritages and experiences,
genders, intelligences and educations] 

so that our community might become more reflective of you.

Prayer of Dedication (later)

Differing in age, race, and gender,
our table has room for all of us.
The more our table grows,
the richer our experience of the Sacred.

Differing in abilities, orientation, and faith,
our table has need for all of us.
The more our table grows,
the deeper our understanding of God.

Differing in educations, incomes, and even politics,
our table continues to expand for all of us.
The more our table grows,
the greater our recognition of the Holy One. 

Story of the Rainbow Fish

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