“once in royal david’s city”, new verses

I was trying to find verses to affirm the power of the political message of Jesus’ birth stories, particular the Luke story. This text was inspired by Borg and Crossan’s “The First Christmas”. Follow the traditional first verse with these three:

Days before the birth of Jesus
Two new mothers shared a song.
Song of hope recalling Moses,
Song of challenge to the strong.
“Now our hope has been restored.
Now we worship and adore.”

At the cusp of new beginnings,
With a birth poised to inspire,
Caesar calls the world together
Flex the weapons of empire.
Nations grasp for fleeting power,
Yet a child upends the hour.

Now the star appeared to shepherds,
from the darkness shone a sun.
From the fields the angel clamored,
“From the lowly comes the one!”
Not to kingdoms look for wings,
Look below where justice rings.

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