unpondering with a head cold…

It’s Thursday evening, time to consider pondering, and my head feels as though it has been invaded by aliens with water guns. Although I am certain I will live to tell the tale, I’m at the place of head cold misery that makes any out appealing.

With spring bursting forth it seems quite unfair to be inside under blankets, but the wonder of the weather blows through every corner of our home. Head colds are a fact of life, they come and go with their misery in tow. But so too the dogged promise of spring, which has come remarkably early to St. Louis this year. With the windows open in the dusky light, I hear the neighbor chattering, the traffic in the distance, and the birds singing with abandon.

I feel unfaithful to the promise by calling it a day, closing my computer screen and my eyelids… but perhaps it is itself an act of faith. Believing in the promise, I can let go my grip on this day and yield to my body’s plea for rest.

And so it is that in deference to the cold, and in honor of the spring, I log my first official “unpondering”.

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  1. Susan Ulmer says:

    YES! Ah, for letting go and acknowledging those unpondering moments. Thank you and congrats.

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