The ponderer…

A forty-something pastor pondering the meaning of life with kids that turned into adolescents when she wasn’t looking…

And just to make life interesting, I’m a graduate of Calvin College and United Seminary (Twin Cities) serving the UCC church nearest Eden Serminary.

I detest broccoli and sound-bytes and hope to be wise by the time I turn 60 (which is getting freakishly close!). I love writing, toddlers, sudoku, and pretty things.

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  1. Hi Katy,

    I am looking through old Christmas Eve services, and came upon this one I had used back in 2007. I googled the credit and was so glad to find this sight is still up. My services go back aways, but I was drawn (again, as I was the first time) to this one. It is so beautiful! And I thought, now who is this? I am deciding today what I’ll be doing Christmas Eve, but it was just such a joy to read this one again as I decide what to do this year. Thank you for being so generous with your material. You certainly have a gift for liturgy. Martha Carroll, Pastor at Southside Christian Church (DOC) in South Bend, Indiana

  2. Make that 2008. M. Carroll

  3. Jeannie says:

    Are you still there? My name is Jeannie. I pastor a UCC church in Hawaii. Just found your blog as I was searching for Rally Day materials for my church. Thanks for the helpful information.


  4. Paul Donnelly says:

    Enjoyed reading the blog reflection on “Saviour” For many years I have grappled with atonement theology. To be honest it just does not make sense, to create a diety who’s one sole purpose is to create a cosmos, condemn it and then save it by sacrificing his son.
    Unfortunately,atonement theology in all its guises that have been developed throughout history, has caused more harm than good. In our own time we see particularly in the western world a greed for not only for material resources but a greed for moral righteousness, which in turn has created a world of “us and them” (we are saved they are not). This consumerism, espoused particularly by Evangelicals and as well as in the wording of many mainline Christine liturgies, empowers this greed and distorts the Gospels. If Christianity is to be a transforming agent of peace in this world, it has to see that the Eucharist, is one of thanksgiving, not for Christ’s death (that is a travesty of injustice). As God gives and Christ mirrored that in his life, so the Christian life, I think should be one of giving the political, economic, and technological resources to everyone and anyone so that we all can live life to the full.

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